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To promote visibility and acceptance of the bear community through public outreach, volunteerism, and social events in Omaha and the surrounding area.

The Big O! Bears is a nonprofit organization focusing on community service and togetherness. By reaching out to the community the Big O! Bears brings awareness, builds acceptance, and can provide helping paws for everyone. If you would like to help build a stronger, safer, and more enjoyable Omaha, please consider becoming a member and volunteer.


Scott bartlett


Scott Mead

Scott Mead

Vice President

Tremaine Ford

Tremaine Ford


Drew Dietz

DREW Dietz


Position Open

Member at Large

Ox Cluver

ox cluver

Member at Large

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Big O! Bears?

The Big O! Bears is an Omaha, Nebraska based non-profit organization focused on the mission to promote visibility and acceptance of the Bear Community through public outreach, volunteerism, and social events.

Who can join?

As a non-profit organization, anyone can join. Information on becoming a member can be found on our Facebook page (located here) and here on our website by completing the requirements detailed in the Big O! Bears’ membership section.

How can I participate in Big O! Bears volunteer opportunities and social events?

The Events tab on this website has a detailed list of all Big O! Bears’ upcoming events. The Big O! Bears Facebook page can also serve as a great resource to stay informed for Big O! Bears’ activities.

When are the meetings?

Currently the meetings are being held online the third Thursday of every month at 7 PM. Links to the meetings can be found in the events section on this website and are posted on Facebook.

How can I get in contact with the Big O! Bears?

The comments section located on this website is the best way to communicate with the board. Most requests, concerns, or items requiring Board review will need to be added to the agenda a full week (by the second Thursday of the month) prior to the scheduled meetings. Requests to schedule events need to be submitted a full month in advance. Quick questions may be addressed at the end of the meeting time permitting. We ask that any concerns be addressed here and not posted on our Social Media sites.

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